A. Alberto Lugo

A. Alberto Lugo

While the heart of A. Alberto Lugo's career has always centered around architectural design; his primary focus over the last decade has been environmental protection through sustainable architectural design. He is considered a person of influence in various circles because of his skill in drafting building designs with ecological protection in mind. He has fostered a new appreciation for protecting natural habitats and water systems and building structures seamlessly flowing with and working with nature.

A. Alberto and his firm have significantly impacted the architectural landscape of Connecticut and New Jersey, providing their expertise in sustainable design solutions to clients in these regions, transforming communities, and creating a positive environmental footprint.

When Lugo has the opportunity, he volunteers his pro-bono services to several organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Veterans, and The Make It Right at Home Foundation. In 2015, he established the Architecture and Earth Awareness Foundation, which focuses on spreading awareness among architects, construction companies, and structural engineers about the importance of green initiatives in the building industry. To date, the company has helped spread sustainable ideas to more than 400 large-scale building projects around the globe. He is passionate about supporting climate protection efforts and frequently participates in fundraising events and promotional objectives.

For his philanthropic and pro-bono donations, A. Alberto has received countless recognitions over the last few years. He was recognized as the top contributor to the Homes for Veterans organization, awarded the Voice of Reason award by the Green Initiative Climate Council, and more. In 2019, he was nominated for the Pritzker Architecture Prize. He was also nominated for the Architecture Master's Prize in 2020 and won the prize for Architectural Visionary early in 2021.

When A. Alberto is not hard at work designing structures that bring together green ideas and structural vision, he enjoys spending time in the wilderness, fishing, and traveling to lesser-known countries to learn about the culture. His favorite pastime is challenging his survival skills with nothing more than a fishing pole and a backpack in the country's mountainous regions. He says his greatest accomplishment is not his architectural career but his family, which consists of his wife, Genevieve, of 18 years, two young sons, three Alaskan Malamutes, and a goldfish named Lou.

In summary, his career is marked by his dedication to sustainable architecture, philanthropy, and love for nature and family. His work has left a lasting impact on the architectural landscape of Connecticut and New Jersey and communities worldwide.